Reactions trail Oga Sabinus’ rope-bridge tour with girlfriend at Lagos Resort —VIDEO

Following the release of a video from his visit to the Lekki Conservation Center in Lagos, popularly known as Oga Sabinus (Investor), award-winning Nigerian skitmaker Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekiru has received backlash.


The creator of the content and his partner opted to walk through the longest canopy walkway in Africa, measuring 401 meters, to whet their hunger for the outdoors and nature.

Sabinus, however, caused a commotion when he stopped in the middle and steadfastly refused to go any further.

The moment a tense Sabinus yelled in terror and displayed his fear of heights was caught on camera.

He left the rope-style bridge in the jungle because he was still afraid despite the encouragement and comforting words of his girlfriend and the tour leaders.

The comedian tweeted about sharing the footage with his followers;

My fearless journey at Conservative center”


His video stirred hilarious reactions from fans on social media.



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